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The List of countries that are most passionate about playing video Games

When playing video games online with others, have you ever wondered where the other players are gaming from? One incredible aspect of gaming is that it reaches nearly every corner of the Earth, uniting players from all backgrounds and cultures.

Our team loves exploring gaming statistics to gain insights into the thriving gaming industry, to educate avid gamers, and just for fun. So, where are video games the most popular? Let’s find out:

Which Country Has the Most Gamers?

Gaming is a beloved pastime (and for some, a lucrative profession!) around the world, but have you ever wondered what the world’s gaming capital might be?

There are different ways to quantify that, so let’s look first at the percentage of gamers by country for insights into how passionate each country’s population is about gaming.

Here are the 20 top gaming countries based on the proportion of the population of young adults who play video games daily, or global gaming penetration by country if you’re feeling fancy:

  • Filipino gamers — 96.7%
  • Indonesian gamers — 95.4%
  • Vietnamese gamers — 93.6%
  • Thai gamers — 93%
  • Turkish gamers — 92.6%
  • Saudi gamers — 92.3%
  • Mexican gamers — 91.8%
  • Taiwanese gamers — 91.6%
  • Indian gamers — 91.2%
  • Brazilian gamers — 89.7%
  • Hong Kongese gamers — 89.6%
  • Malaysian gamers — 88.9%
  • United Arab Emirati gamers — 88.7%
  • Argentinian gamers — 88.3%
  • South African gamers — 88.3%
  • Greek gamers — 87.5%
  • Colombian gamers — 86.2%
  • Singaporean gamers — 85.1%
  • Egyptian gamers — 85%
  • American gamers — 83.1%
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Is gaming popular in the Philippines? Absolutely! However, there was once a dark age for gaming in the Philippines. Despite the Philippines’ passion for gaming today, video games were once banned in the world’s gaming capital. In 1981, President Ferdinand Marcos banned video games nationwide, making it the first country to ban them. 

The decree was issued in response to complaints from parents and educators who believed games such as Asteroids and Space Invaders were detrimental to youth’s developing morals, deeming them a “destructive social enemy” and “to the detriment of public interest.” 

This decree extended to pinball machines, slot machines, and similar gaming devices. Filipinos were given just two weeks to either destroy their video games and devices or surrender them to the army and police. Violators were required to pay a $600 fine and faced six months to a year in prison. 

Of course, this only forced underground gaming, which may have fueled today’s Filipino frenzy for video games. Fortunately, this dark age of gaming did not last too long, as it was lifted following the 1986 People Power Revolution. Gamers always find a way!

the Average Time Spent Playing Video Games in 2023?

Another way to measure a country’s passion for video gaming is to analyze how much time is spent playing video games on average every day. Surprisingly, the Philippines does not top the list of hours spent on video games by country. Let’s take a look:

  1. Thailand — 1:56
  2. Saudi Arabia — 1:44
  3. Egypt — 1:32
  4. Mexico — 1:27
  5. Philippines — 1:27
  6. Indonesia — 1:23
  7. India — 1:22
  8. United Arab Emirates — 1:20
  9. United States — 1:19
  10. Vietnam — 1:19
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Here’s a full transcription of this worldwide video game popularity infographic to make it more accessible to all of our visitors:

Percentage of Internet Users Ages 16–24 Who Play Video Games (Any Device)

Country Percentage
Philippines 96.7%
Indonesia 95.4%
Vietnam 93.6%
Thailand 93%
Turkey 92.6%
Saudi Arabia 92.3%
Mexico 91.8%
Taiwan 91.6%
India 91.2%
Brazil 89.7%
Hong Kong 89.6%
Malaysia 88.9%
United Arab Emirates 88.7%
Argentina 88.3%
South Africa 88.3%
Greece 87.5%
Colombia 86.2%
Singapore 85.1%
Egypt 85%
Worldwide 83.3%
United States 83.1%
Portugal 82.4%
Romania 82%
Spain 81.5%
New Zealand 80.8%
Canada 80.5%
Italy 79.8%
France 79.5%
South Korea 79.5%
Poland 78.9%
Switzerland 78.8%
Russia 78.3%
United Kingdom 76.8%
China 76.4%
Australia 76.2%
Austria 75.6%
Sweden 74.5%
Germany 74%
Ireland 73.4%
Israel 73.4%
Denmark 73%
Netherlands 72.9%
Belgium 70.7%
Japan 66.5%

Average Daily Time Spent Using a Gaming Console

Country Time (Hours and Minutes)
Thailand 1:56
Saudi Arabia 1:44
Egypt 1:32
Mexico 1:27
Philippines 1:27
Indonesia 1:23
India 1:22
United Arab Emirates 1:20
United States 1:19
Vietnam 1:19
Malaysia 1:14
Turkey 1:12
Brazil 1:11
Worldwide 1:10
China 1:08
Argentina 1:07
Australia 1:07
Singapore 1:07
United Kingdom 1:06
Hong Kong 1:05
Taiwan 1:05
South Africa 1:04
Canada 1:02
Colombia 1:01
New Zealand 1:01
Ireland 0:55
France 0:54
Germany 0:50
Sweden 0:49
Denmark 0:47
Italy 0:47
Spain 0:47
Poland 0:46
Netherlands 0:45
Romania 0:45
Greece 0:42
Portugal 0:40
Israel 0:38
Switzerland 0:38
Austria 0:37
South Korea 0:36
Russia 0:35
Belgium 0:32
Japan 0:25

Devices Used to Play Video Games

Device Percentage
Any device 83.3%
Smartphone 67%
Laptop or desktop computer 37%
Gaming console 25.3%
Tablet 16.1%
Handheld gaming device 12.7%
Media streaming service 9.4%
Virtual reality headset 8.1%

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